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South Hall, Booth S14001 | May 7-11

Join Ascend at NPE 2018 to see our showcase of nylon 6,6 innovations for automotive, electrical and electronics, consumer and industrial applications. Learn more about our new flame-retardant PA66 grades for unattended appliance connectors with best-in-class glow wire ignition temperatures.

Special presentations

Our experts and application specialists will share how designers, engineers and molders in increasingly demanding environments are using PA66 to solve complex materials challenges.

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Setting a new standard with flame-retardant nylon 6,6

Monday 2:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

Home appliances are getting smarter and demand for these “smart” products continues to grow. That means more electronics and more connectors. To help make sure appliances are safe and smart, Ascend has launched an unreinforced flame-retardant product, Vydyne® FR350J, a new high performance compound that brings extra safety and glow wire performance to electrical connectors used in unattended appliances. A new non-halogenated flame-retardant PA66 compound, Vydyne ECO366H, exhibits excellent electrical performance, as evidenced by best-in-class electrical relative temperature index (RTI) and is useful for terminal blocks and other connectors. 


Reliability and rising thermal loads: Managing extreme heat under the hood

Monday 3:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

Increased vehicle efficiency comes at a cost. Thermal loads under the hood are rising, threatening reliability. Lightweight, dependable and cost-efficient materials are needed to effectively withstand prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures. This presentation will highlight Ascend's newest range of high-performance automotive nylon 6,6, Vydyne XHT.


Safely managing 48V e-mobility systems with nylon 6,6

Tuesday 2:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

With reputations built on safety, reliability and performance, OEMs face challenges with every new technology adopted. Safely and effectively managing new technologies requires new material solutions. This presentation will focus on 48V mild hybrid systems and how Ascend’s Vydyne nylon 6,6 is helping ensure their safety, reliability and performance. We will cover how the electrically neutral, non-corrosive and heat stable Vydyne J series is helping OEMs maintain their hard-won reputations while adopting alternative powertrains

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Fighting hidden costs with ultra-flow, rapid cycling solutions

Tuesday 3:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

Molders face a dilemma. The drive to reduce costs has them searching for lower-priced materials. But a pound-for-pound comparison overlooks factors that can dramatically decrease productivity and efficiency, and increase hidden costs. Learn how Ascend's ultra-flow, rapid cycling Vydyne PA66 is helping cable tie and E&E connector molders increase productivity and reduce overhead costs.

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Beyond material: Engineered solutions for engine downsizing and electrification

Wednesday 2:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

Early gains in vehicle lightweighting and cost reduction were largely won by material replacements. Today, as the auto industry focuses on engine downsizing and electrification, the challenges go beyond material swaps and require engineered solutions for integrated systems. Ascend's Vydyne PA66 and team of application development specialists are ready to work with suppliers and OEMs to develop solutions that streamline the value chain, reduce weight and costs.

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Nylon 6,6: Performance, productivity and value

Wednesday 3:00 p.m. | South Hall, Booth S14001

Choosing the right plastic is about more than checking off specifications. It's about finding the balance between performance, productivity and cost. For demanding applications, no plastic strikes that balance as well as nylon 6,6. Ascend polymer scientist Shawn Osborn will present on how nylon 6,6 compares to other thermoplastics across a variety of factors, including performance, productivity and cost.

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