Fakuma 2018

Hall A4 Stand 4119
Friedrichshafen, Germany
16-20 October

Ascend is the world’s largest fully integrated manufacturer of polyamide 6,6 resin. Our proprietary technologies, reliability and performance help you get the most out of every product you produce.

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New PA66 grade for lightweighting:

The new Vydyne® R433H, is designed to reinforce down-gauged steel and aluminum used in vehicle body in white (BIW) structures, helping reduce weight without sacrificing safety or comfort.

  • Improved energy absorption over traditional glass-filled PA66, reducing noise, vibration and harshness and absorbing impact energy from crashes.
  • Weight reduction and improved efficiency when used in BIW.
  • NVH reduction in electric vehicles when used in battery frame and housing applications.

Hybrid and EV applications:

Ascend’s portfolio of PA66 engineered compounds offers light-weighting and electrification solutions with enhanced thermal- and hydrolysis-resistance.

Polyamide 6,6 is an ideal solution for the challenges presented by hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • Superior strength, rigidity, impact and electrical properties for connectors and power cable connector clamps.
  • Rigidity and high strength to protect batteries.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, high DTUL, strength and ductility for battery housings and components.
  • High-performance flame retardant materials for high voltage electrical switches.
  • Lightweight reinforced and high strength for aluminum replacement.

Under-the-hood applications:

Ascend offers a wide portfolio of nylon 6,6 engineered compounds designed for optimal system performance and ease of processing in under-the-hood applications.

  • Glass-filled, heat-stabilized Vydyne H series grades are resistant to under-the-hood thermal and chemical exposure.
  • Vydyne HR series delivers best-in-class thermal and hydrolysis-aging performance for demanding automotive cooling system applications.
  • For turbocharged systems, Ascend’s Vydyne HT series, provides high levels of resistance to property degradation after long-term heat exposure.
  • Vydyne impact-modified 40H series for connectors, cable jacketing, cable ties and fasteners provides superior flexibility, impact strength and durability at extreme temperatures.

Electrical and electronics applications:

Vydyne grades are developed to meet the increasing demand for safer, more reliable and high performing compounds for electrical and electronic applications.

  • Vydyne FR350J, an unreinforced, flame-retardant PA66 resin designed for E&E applications under harsh environments making it ideal for connectors for unattended appliances. With glow wire performance of 960°C at all thicknesses, FR350J has the highest GWIT with zero flame.
  • Vydyne ECO366H, an unreinforced PA66 grade that meets V0 rating down to 0.40 mm and exhibits best in class RTI (electrical) of 150°C. ECO366H exhibits superior melt flow for intricate parts and delivers good stiffness/impact balance, chemical resistance and superior thermal resistance.